The 7th annual 'Rays on the Runway' Fashion Show 2014

  • Every year the Tampa Bay Rays and their wives participate in a fashion show called "Rays on the Runway" benefiting the Children's Fund. This year, Mayra Gomez served as producer and backstage coordinator for the show. More
  • Nicole Ballard

  • A 16 year-old high school student who in 2008 founded Strumwear. More
  • How will you be remembered?

  • Ever thought about how you will be remembered after your death? Or what will your gravestone read? More
  • A Model's Call

  • Models go from call to call, client to client, audition to audition. That is what you're supposed to do - this is your job. To go and stand in front of someone for them to tell you if you are beautiful enough or not. You don't even know what they're looking for - you're just hoping that it's you. More

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Auditioning for Modeling & Acting Jobs Workshop this TUESDAY 7/29/14 7:00pm!

 Don't get mad because you didn't book the job....get smart. Learn why some people do better than others in an audition. Put your talents to work for you and get the strategies for starting off your audition right.   REGISTER NOW!



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